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2020 proved that our super fans are in a club all their own, so in 2021 we made it official with the creation of Club Diet Coke. Our intention and execution were simple: identify our top-tier fans and create a community for them to come together and rep their brand enthusiasm. During the summer, we teased the club on Twitter and sent a handful of our most engaged community members branded kits for them to share UGC of in advance of the launch.

All we needed to launch?

A single tweet. Engagement spiked and our DMs exploded as everyone expressed desire for Diet Coke VIP status.


We launched with kits and a digital extension to give even more fans VIP status, and we kept the momentum by extending Club Diet Coke to our community on Instagram, too.


The summer launch left our loyalists eager for more Club Diet Coke, so we started dropping hints…


And then we flipped the fizzing script on Cyber Monday.

Instead of your basic post-black-friday sale, we engaged with our loyalists and gave them another chance to get vip status.


After teasing the seasonal invite, we followed up with an official launch, kits, and a digital S+D extension for our community to share with their besties.

Our loyalists loved it. We sent over 600 besties a physical or digital holiday S&D and we received over 4k DMs. Our Club Diet Coke Instagram stories received 2x the views of our always-on story content and we had ~1k engagements on each IG story sticker.


By garnering over 474k organic impressions and 15k+ engagements the Club Diet Coke content was among the best performing organic content in 2021.

club diet coke
role: copywriter
ad: astrid michelson
acd: sam cooper
client: the coca-cola company

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