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i wouldn't be in advertising if it weren't for coca-cola.

through the unexpected recommendation of a friend i met doing comedy, i joined havas atlanta to write some tweets for coke's 2020 "world kindness day" as a freelancer.

i absolutely fell in love with copywriting- 
the challenge of learning something new & ever-changing combined with the writing skills i've honed over fifteen years of performing stand-up, sketch, and improv.

i feel very lucky to have worked on the most positive brand on the internet. 

besides having the most positive channels on the internet, another way we set coca-cola's instagram feed apart from other brands was the continuous content ribbon that linked all of our posts in a cohesive & aesthetically pleasing way that flowed from one campaign to the next and evolved with intent for occasions such as the changing of the seasons or the launch of a new product.

Have a Coke Day 2021


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