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diet coke

boost inside

Inside every Diet Coke, there’s a delicious boost. It lifts you from your afternoon slump into boss o’clock. Your work commute becomes precious me-time. It makes mornings delicious enough to wake up for.

Using elevated slice-of-life scenes, we set out to get people thirsty for diet coke. We used paid dollars and created custom content specifically for each paid audience to amplify our core audience of millennial adults looking for an understanding voice. So whether they were a new drinker or a life-long fan, we showed that no matter the situation, Diet Coke is always there when you need a fizzing boost.

The results?


1.3 Billion paid impressions and 179k engagements. Our target audiences were not only seeing these posts but relating and engaging with them. We also gave our fans a boost organically on social (423K impressions and 31K engagements). Our organic view through rates were double our paid - showing our content stopping power.


diet coke boost inside
role: copywriter
ad: astrid michelson
acd: sam cooper, madeline adams, ian flannery
content creators: brendon ek, casey coulter
client: the coca-cola company

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