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x olympics

the year was 2021, but the olympics were 2020.

with the world still on lockdown, our feed hadn't seen humanity in over a year & since coca-cola's sponsored athletes were already on "focus mode" in tokyo, that wasn't going to change just to make a creative team's life easier.

i pitched a series of animated posts to bring coca-cola and the olympic games together by marrying coke's iconic red & white ribbon, bottle silhouette, and bubbly fun social tov with their sponsored athletes & their sporting events.

i'm particularly proud of this campaign because after six months writing on coca-cola, it was the first pitch that made it from an idea in my brain to a fully realized content series with paid money behind it.

coca-cola x olympics
role: copywriter
ad: alex mandujano
acd: sarah spicher
cd: daniel cobb
client: the coca-cola company

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