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smartwater x pete davidson

Today’s climate is oversaturated with preachy self-care trends and unsubstantiated wellness claims. For Smartwater’s “Keep Living Smart” campaign, we partnered with Pete Davidson to leverage his authentic “off-the-beaten-path” personality to drive brand interest and relevance with a younger, more down-to-earth audience.

And while Millennials and Gen Z consumers don’t want to be told how to lead smart and healthy lives, that doesn’t mean doing so isn’t… complicated. Smartwater aims to work smarter not harder. So we put Pete to the test as a “Wellness Buster” and asked what he really thought about these wellness trends.


We also went beyond just serving up snackable content for our community, and leveraged a series of interactive posts that put them in control of Pete’s wellness myth-busting adventures. 

smartwater x pete davidson
("keep living smart")

role: copywriter
ad: astrid michelson
acd: sam cooper
content creator: john fain
client: the coca-cola company

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